About Us


When I started working in this industry, I was hungry for projects with substance to passionately sink my skill set into. I cut my teeth in the agency world representing an array of businesses and corporate entities and then moved in-house for several years.


Armed with an understanding of the industry and loads of contacts, I eventually set off on my own to open an agency that would grow slowly and steadily, committed to representing only the best. My dream for Elle is that our client relationships are determined by the amount of passion, creativity and innovation exploding from their core, rather than the size of a potential paycheck. We strictly work with brands that get our team fired up, which allows us to maintain a uniquely creative corporate culture and to achieve results our clients never thought possible.


With expertise and proven results in a wide variety of industries, our progressive team prides itself on taking the path less followed for programs that help our clients stand out in saturated markets. And like our clients, the individuals that comprise Elle are oozing with creative vision that is cleverly combined with calculated business strategy and a proactive nature. I hope that you enjoy our fresh perspective.


Danielle Gano, Founder & CEO