Our Services


With expertise in an array of industries and limitless creativity, Elle Communications launches, refines, builds, fortifies, designs, and elevates brands with dynamic communications and public relations programs that are driven by one thing: results. We approach each project with vitality, grace, and the belief that anything is possible. We create campaigns that we know will help achieve our clients’ business goals, and make strategic and progressive choices that keep our clients relevant and talked about. We’ve thrown out the rule book when it comes to the programs we develop, and never cease to search for better ways of doing things. Every project is a partnership, and we adopt our clients’ missions as our own to achieve significant outcomes that become a critical cornerstone of their overall enterprise.


With offices in Los Angeles, New York and San Diego, Elle maintains fruitful relationships with influencers from coast to coast. Our national reach, boutique size and innovative approach make us a truly valuable investment.


Our services include:


Media relations

We maintain strong relationships with the media and do not believe in blanket pitches. We work hard (and smart) to develop personalized stories that meet the needs of each individual publication, which leads to happy reporters and lifelong relationships. All media relations campaigns pursued by our team will include highly targeted and carefully-crafted pitches with the goal of securing effective media placements. Media relations services our bi-coastal PR team offers include:
  • Developing press materials, such as press kits, fact sheets and press releases
  • Securing coverage in print, online and broadcast media
  • Blogger strategy and outreach
  • Coordinating media tours
  • Submission to key awards and listings
  • Strategic planning, monitoring and reporting

Social Media

We have a very unique approach to social media. We don’t believe in talking at a room – we believe in talking with a room. While many focus on garnering the greatest number of followers possible and simply broadcasting messages, we seek to understand your followers online and have conversations with them about the things they enjoy. We strive to go beyond developing a list of followers – our social media campaigns garner relationships. And we also like to ensure they generate money. Our band of bi-coastal social media marketers can offer clients the following services across all top social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and more.
  • Strategy development
  • Client training for in-house management
  • Account creation and implementation
  • Keyword, hashtag and key influencer research
  • Social media ambassador campaigns


We understand the role of influencers in public relations and regularly craft and implement campaigns to entice, excite and enroll the participation of people who can serve as the catalyst for word-of-mouth campaigns and, ultimately, increase sales for our clients. In an effort to maximize exposure and increase public awareness, we often use events as tools to introduce a brand to an audience, strengthen relationships with key targets or bring awareness to a new company development.
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Celebrity seeding and product placement

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, Elle Communications is positioned at the heart of the entertainment hubs in the US. Media is constantly reporting on what celebrities are doing, eating, wearing, etc. so we work to integrate our clients products’ into their lifestyles. Additionally, we work with costume teams to help our clients’ products appear on film, TV, etc. Our seeding and product placement services include:
  • Creating a seeding strategy
  • Identifying lists of celebrities that are aligned with our clients’ brands
  • Offering photos of celebrities with our clients’ brands to the media

Crisis communications

Whether it’s a product recall, financial crisis, disgruntled employee, or legal matter, our experienced communicators can help you from failing in the public’s eye. With quick, transparent and strategic planning and communication, we have helped companies navigate times of crisis and, oftentimes, come out with a stronger brand reputation than they had pre-crisis. Our crisis communications services include
  • Crafting a crisis communications plan
  • Media training
  • Key audience messaging
  • Online reputation management